Get organised — it’s easy

Get organised — it’s easy

43 sleeps into the new year and if we are all done with giving up on resolutions stupider than Trump’s words, I have something for you. Let’s get organised in 2018.

Staying organised helps me focus better. I, at all times, know what is where. And that is somehow calming. I suggest you try it too. A part of my job is to search for products that will make a difference to our everyday lives. So, here’s a list I’ve put together that will make keeping your new, new year resolution a hell of a lot easier.

The Cord Roll

One of my goals every year is to travel to a new place. I think I did fairly well in 2017 and this year I have Japan on my mind. Now, being an OCD laden freak can be an absolute nightmare when travelling. It takes a toll on others too.

Luckily, there’s The Cord Roll by Afternoons with Albert. This product serves a very important purpose for me — it keeps my cables neat and tidy. And nothing makes me more happy and proud to see them behave. But hey, not everyone is in to “cable management”. Some of my OCD has rubbed off on to my partner and she uses this to carry make-up. Whatever floats your boat.

Made with vegetable tanned leather, this is the ultimate hand-crafted travel accessory. And it makes for an excellent gift.


Continuing from my obsession with cable-management, here is another must-have product for anyone who isn’t mental enough to like tangled headphones.

I find Maco to be an innovative, yet simple solution. The 2.0 is a much more refined version of it’s predecessor. The slot in the regular sized Maco 2.0 very cleverly helps itself stay with the cable. So you won’t lose either. This works especially well for headphones and phone charging cables. The Big Maco on the other hand, wraps around the cable. It is capable of keeping bigger cables together — hair straightener or a laptop charger, for example.

Given its reasonable price point, the Maco is a no-brainer. Get a few.


If you haven’t figured it out by now, let me tell you, I hate clutter. And there is nothing worse than a bunch of keys poking out of your pocket or its clinking sound, in-sync with your walk.

Orbitkey is one of those products which when you look at, you’d think, ‘why did no one come up with this earlier?’. It is that straight-forward. But don’t be fooled by its simplicity. The details, from the curved washers to the groove under the screw — are so fine-tuned that you don’t see them. It holds 2–7 keys with a D-ring for your car key or larger key-fobs. And if that isn’t enough, you can add an USB 3.0 stick, a bottle opener, or a 6-in-1 multi-tool.

With the wide range of styles, I cannot recommend this enough (to people who care and don’t care about clutter). Just get it.

The Cord Roll, Maco, and Orbitkey are all brilliantly designed products with a lot of thought put into them — so you can hack life better.

I’ve done my bit now. Off you go. Get organised.

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